WOO Dating App | Two People, a Metro station & a dating app…Some Stories are meant to be!
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Woo Dating App

Two People, a Metro station & a dating app…Some Stories are meant to be!

I was casually browsing through Facebook one day, when I noticed an ad for a dating app called Woo.

I was 29 years old and looking for a partner…

Thus far I had been disappointed by what I found on Indian matrimonial websites.

I knew WOO was a dating app, and I knew I wasn’t the dating type… I had always looked for serious and committed relationships, not casual frivolous ones.

Still something in me decided to try it… So I downloaded it on my phone, and the journey began…

I must say, I was lucky to have reached my destination soon.

I didn’t have to meet many guys. In fact, the first person I met on the app is now my husband and life partner, Kartik Nigam.

The whole episode was ironic, as I didn’t even know what to do with the app when I first downloaded it. Sometimes I’d swipe right and left without even understanding the implications.

My husband Kartik was working at a mobile advertising firm then, and he happened to check my interest in him.

He pinged me back, and we started chatting. We decided to meet one day, when our paths crossed at the Gurgaon Metro station.

From the station, we went to a coffee shop close by, and had a really nice time.

We liked each other, there was great chemistry… The rest is history!

In two-three months, we informed our parents, and soon tied the knot.

We’ve been married for over three years now, and I still can’t believe we met on a dating app…

I felt like the app was made for me!

While doing my research on Kartik, I think the best source was Facebook… Through it, you can track how open and transparent a person is.

Moreover, it helped that both of us were looking for something long-term and not a casual relationship.

Since we were both located in Gurgaon, it also became easier to meet and get to know each other.

My only concern on the dating app was how many pictures of mine to share. But the app helps you pick and choose the ones you want from your Facebook profile.

I happily told all my friends about the app, as they’d often ask how I found my life partner so easily.

I’d discuss with colleagues the benefits of the app, and how it’s so easy to use.

But it’s also true that not everyone will find their match right away, or have great experiences while using dating apps.

My advice to young girls would be to verify the person through their Facebook accounts… Check how willingly they share information about themselves and their families…

If they haven’t shared much on their Facebook profiles, you have reasons to feel weary.

Of course, intuition and good sense also plays a big role in identifying a fake profile from an authentic one!

I would also say, don’t pour too much of your heart out while chatting on the phone… Do enough research on the person online first.

It may also be better to meet once and end the suspense, rather than to continue chatting with someone unknown.

Also, steer your conversation to know if the person is just here for a good time, or wants something more serious.

I am lucky that both Kartik and I wanted a long-term relationship.

Kartik is a calm, composed and intelligent person.

He was the first, last, and best date I had on WOO.

I never thought I would meet my life partner on a dating app, but such is life — it shows you miracles when you least expect them!

I’m happy I had the courage to get on to WOO, if not I may have still been single today.

So, don’t hesitate, download the app, but keep your female instincts intact, and do only what works for you, and feels safe!

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