WOO Dating App | How a WOO Dating App Helped Archana Find her Soulmate?
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WOO Dating

How a WOO Dating App Helped Archana Find her Soulmate?

I’ve always wondered how these new age dating apps work for singles? Curious to know, I started asking around, I wanted to ask before I could try one myself, in the process I came across a cute romantic story of one of my friend Archana, which I though would make quite a read.

This is what she told me…..

“I was ready to date again. It had been almost a year since my last date, and I wanted to meet new people.

My colleagues at work spoke about a dating app called WOO, and suggested I try it. As an independent career-minded person, it was only natural for me to look for a partner myself.

So finally, one fine day, as I sat at home idle, I took the plunge, and downloaded the app.

I thought to myself, ‘How bad could it be? The worst-case scenario is that I may meet interesting people that I don’t end up I’m dating.’

I chose WOO Dating App because I liked the fact that the app concealed the identity of its women users, till they were ready to reveal their names.

For us women, it’s can be helpful to hide our names on the app, till we’re ready.

Because the minute the opposite person knows your name, he will start looking you up on social media networks. Being stalked on social media (where you post details such as where you work) or otherwise, can be a nightmare.

I downloaded the app in November and met my now-husband Aneesh in January.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the app showed results. In a short span of three months, I found someone compatible.

Aneesh and I were complete strangers prior to being on the app, neither of us had met before.

Initially, I used to always date someone I knew, or my friends knew, But this time it was a complete stranger.

It’s amazing how you can meet someone you have no connection with whatsoever, and eventually become life partners.

We dated for a year and a half, and then quickly got engaged and married thereafter.

I’ve been married over a year now, and it’s been a wonderful journey so far.

What worked, for me, was my focus on looking for a more serious long-term relationship, rather than casual hook-ups. Through WOO Dating App, I could explore people with shared values and interests, which is why I chose to use it rather than any other dating app.

Using the app was a smooth experience. It was well-structured, and I’d get regular updates and alerts on people with similar interests.

Like most women, I was apprehensive and fearful about being stalked by some creep.

But I must say it wasn’t a bad experience at all.

In fact, I met some nice people through the app. Though, I was very selective about who I chose to meet, and would chat for a while before I met a guy.

The only ‘bad’ experience I had was when a guy said ‘nice legs’ in the first conversation based on a photo he found of me on social media. I thought it was very inappropriate and told him so, to which he responded rudely. So I instantly reported and blocked him on the app. This made me more cautious about sharing my full name with someone and I also changed some social media privacy settings.

I would like to warn women to keep their expectations low when dating through an app.

Because it’s not going to always end up as a romantic comedy. Also, guys match with a lot of women on these apps, because they cast their nets wide. So don’t get too excited when you match with someone!

I would recommend you chat with a guy for at least a few weeks before you meet him. It’s best not to rush and meet someone quickly simply because he asks you out or because he’s in the neighbourhood. Wait till such a time as you’re more certain.

Finding a match is not about matching CVs, because you can’t live with a CV. It’s necessary to explore shared values and interests before you decide to marry. Looking back now I realize that my husband and my paths may have crossed in the past, but it was on WOO that we finally met.

Aneesh and I were destined to meet on WOO App.

I feel happy that I was brave enough to get on to the platform. It took me closer to meeting the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

In fact, every relationship you have had before meeting the right person is necessary, because it brings you to the place you are in now. It also makes you value your partner more.

I would encourage women to try dating apps, but just be safe while doing so.

It is essential to protect the downside and make sure your safety

and well-being are not affected by the app. That way, the worst that could happen is you meet some nice people whom you don’t end up dating.

From one woman to another — I’d say give dating apps a chance. You never know, just like me, you may find a great life partner!”

Well, Archana (the one smiling in the pic), is my new found love guru. Thanks Archana for making me understand that if we are cautious and have an app that helps women, online dating could really be exciting & secure 🙂

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