WOO Dating App | To Those Seeking Love, ‘Just WOO’
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WOO Dating

To Those Seeking Love, ‘Just WOO’

WOO dating app was designed to make women feel safe while dating. Little did I know that men could also trust it more than any other dating app… In my view, almost 99 percent of the profiles on WOO are authentic!

I wanted to share about what a positive and successful experience I had using the app for those who are considering to try dating apps but have concerns for authenticity of the profiles.

To understand my perspective, I will delve a little deeper into my story, and tell you just what exactly worked for me.

WOO has always got great feedback from its women users, but for a man to rave about it was something different… Because if men are happy, they will ensure their women are happy too!

Hence, I decided to talk about the full story…the unedited complete version of how men too can be afraid and cautious about meeting the wrong sort of person online… But when we do meet the right one, we go all out to make it work, don’t we?

So, here’s how I met my dream date…only on WOO…

No expectations whatsoever

In the beginning, when I downloaded the app, I had no expectations whatsoever. I just started using it to see who I would find.

This was not the first dating app I had used. I had downloaded three more — Jaumo, Tinder and Happn. Like most guys, I was seeing where I got lucky.

I met some girls on the other apps, but nothing serious came of it… They were just casual dates.

The user experience

For me, WOO stood apart because of its calling feature, where one can speak to the other person through the app. Although only women can call on the app but that works because when you make her trust you as a person first then by talking on the call you can take a step further together in trusting each other.

Also, I felt there was somehow a greater sense of reality in this app… For instance, on other apps, one often finds similar profiles with different names… On WOO, though, this was not the case.

There were definitely less fake profiles on WOO. In fact I would say, almost 99 percent of the profiles on WOO are authentic.

The UI and UX of the app are also great. I simply loved the design and colour combination. All these factors made using the app a fun experience.

Meeting someone special

But what stays with me, is the fact that I met someone very special through the app. Thanks to WOO dating app, I’m now in a beautiful relationship.

In the early stages of using the app, one simply has to keep trying and swiping, till you find the right match. It is a not a magic wand that finds you the love of your life in a swipe, you might meet the wrong people as well, but I would suggest don’t give up easy.

My relationship literally started with a ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’, and then advanced into something more serious and special.

Both of us chatted with each other on the app for 7–8 days, after which we met for the first time. She was the first girl I met through WOO dating app. So I guess I was lucky to find the right person at the start itself. It worked like a magic wand for me at least.

It’s been a great journey getting to know each other. And, while we are two very different people, over a period of time, we’ve shared our experiences, and grown closer.

After talking and getting to know each other, we fell in love

Try Dating Apps

My advice to people on dating apps would be ‘just WOO’ and it’ll all fall into place!

Dating maybe a Western concept, but since its come to India, there’s no harm in participating and trying it out.

But, of course, one must be cautious, and verify the profile if possible. It’s better to meet quickly, and find out if you like the person, rather than keep chatting aimlessly.

Also, often the picture is vastly different from the real person. Hence, it’s best to figure it out early, so as not to get disillusioned later.

I am just probably one of the many men using dating apps to find someone special…

While the concept of dating may be novel in India, many in big and small cities are discovering the possibilities of finding true love through it.

If you too are looking for a soulmate, a weekend date, or someone to share your lonely spells with, simply download WOO dating app… And, if you find the right one on the app, do share your experience with WOO!

It won’t just help them with feedback, but it’ll also inspire other users to take the plunge and download a dating app!

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