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Why Woo?

Woo is a dating app that puts women first. We are aware that gut-instinct plays a big role when you like someone new, so we have built our app from that place of sensitivity. We make it easy to navigate this world of dating by making it a comfortable and fun experience. For us, women’s interests, that feeling of safety and privacy is paramount. With over 1 million matches and counting, we are committed towards changing the dating game in India and helping women feel more empowered in making meaningful connections with people they fancy. It’s not surprising ours is the dating app women love.

WOO Dating App

Woo Who?

The people who have an unhealthy amount of meetings, late nights and fun[citation needed], all to make people connect like never before.

Woo True

Come share your True story, when love happened to you through “Woo”. Share your details with us & we’ll get in touch with you to explain this in detail :). Interesting Stories will get a chance to win Rs. 2500 Gift Voucher from Amazon